June 17, 2024

Steelers mailbag: In the Senior Bowl, who made an impression?

Welcome to the Steelers mailbag, where we respond to your weekly inquiries. I am grateful for the ongoing support from the BTSC community. The envelopes need to be opened.

Are senior bowl games held after the season just a combine-lite event? Has any player’s performance in any of the bowl games really improved their draft stock?- P-squared

Steelers land two players on AFC Pro Bowl roster, plus four alternates | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A: In situations where you have complete control, you can increase your stock significantly. particularly if you have concerns about specific areas of your game going into the week. Quinyon Mitchell of Toledo is the finest illustration of that. His ability to play press man was questioned by many, but he addressed them by essentially running routes for men one-on-one during the week


Which player do you choose at #20, center Jackson Powers-Johnson or OT Fuaga? Instead, how about moving up and selecting both with your remaining five picks? You were the first and second to obtain Fuaga, then in Round 2, you were the third, second, fourth, sixth, and seventh to get JPJ at Center! Sign UDFAs and veteran FAs to round out the roster. – DCBill

A: JPJ isn’t making it to the next phase. At 21, I doubt he makes it past Miami. To cover the tackle position in the second round, I would select someone similar to Patrick Paul from Houston and grab him at number 20.

Did you see any experienced quarterbacks that the Steelers could use as a third quarterback?Dude, Polamolicules

A: The quick response is no. Joe Milton and Sam Hartman were both awful. Maybe South Alabama’s Carter Bradley, who finished the week as Mobile’s second-best quarterback? When drafted, other players like Penix and Nix won’t be third quarterbacks.

Q: Name a sleeper talent from the Senior Bowl that you would like the Steelers to consider as a late round pick or undrafted free agent.- Pittsblitz56

A: Jackson Sirmon, a linebacker for Cal, had an excellent week. Excellent off-ball linebacker coverage. intercepted a pass that almost resulted in another interception a few plays before, then picked off a toss in the red zone from Joe Milton that was thrown like a 97 mph fastball during team drills.

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