June 18, 2024

The 2024 NBA trade deadline is next Thursday and from all the intel we’re getting it feels like this one may pass with more of a whimper than a bang.

We’ve seen some bigger names get dealt already, with Pascal Siakam going to the Pacers from the Rockets, OG Anunoby going to the Knicks from the Raptors and Terry Rozier being sent from the Hornets to the Heat. But unlike last season’s trade deadline, that saw Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving both get dealt in two surprise moves, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything bubbling under the surface this time around.

An uneven start for Terry Rozier amid Heat losing streak

Of course that could change, and the NBA always hits us with something unexpected, but it seems like teams are more willing to hold onto their assets and prepare for what could be an even busier offseason. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a bevy or rumors to keep us busy. With that being said, here’s all the latest intel around the league ahead of Feb. 8.

Mikal Bridges, Donovan Mitchell among players not available via trade

There seems to be a laundry list of players who teams aren’t willing to listen to trade offers on, which should make for an interesting deadline. Bridges, Mitchell, Lauri Markkanen, Jarrett Allen and Karl-Anthony Towns fall into that category, per Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer, and while none of those names are entirely surprising, it further suggests something we’ve known for quite some time, that there are going to be significantly more buyers than sellers as we approach next Thursday. The Houston Rockets were a team that called about Bridges, but the Nets are hanging up the phone on any deal centered around him, and while the Jazz initially hinted that Markkanen was available for the right price, he’s now also apparently off the table.


But something we always know about the trade deadline is that anything could happen. A team could be leaking that a player is or isn’t available just to up the offers they may be quietly fielding, so don’t be totally shocked if any of these guys, or anyone else considered “not available” wind up in a trade.

Lakers shopping D’Angelo Russell and Gabe Vincent

The chatter around L.A.’s interest in trading Russell seems to change by the day. He’d been a long rumored candidate to be traded, but recently there were thoughts that the Lakers would hold onto the point guard past the deadline due to his recent improved play. However, the latest rumors suggest that L.A. is still shopping him around the league. Previously many thought that would be to the Hawks in a deal that would see Dejounte Murray land with the Lakers, but Atlanta has been insistent in not wanting Russell in any deal for Murray. So it appears that the Lakers are now looking to see what they could get for Russell elsewhere.

Another Lakers player that has come up in rumors recently is Vincent, who has been limited to just five games this season due to a knee injury. Vincent was ruled out for 6-8 weeks back in December with the knee injury, so it’s unclear what his value is around the league. But if he’s able to return to play later in the season and look like the guy who played a role in the Heat making it to the NBA Finals last season, then he could be a solid buy-low option for a contender.

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