June 15, 2024

While Jordan Love has garnered the majority of attention for his season-long leap, other Green Bay Packers players have also shown progress. Kenny Clark, a defensive tackle, is one of these players.

There were plenty of positive moments for Clark and his teammates despite the painful loss in which the San Francisco 49ers eliminated Green Bay. For starters, nobody predicted that the NFL’s youngest team would advance this far in the playoffs and really challenge the top-seeded 49ers


A Packers 53-man roster projection following the 2023 draft - Acme Packing  Company

If it weren’t for two critical errors made by the Packers—one by Anders Carlson and the other by Love on a crazy pass—Green Bay would have a good chance of qualifying for the Super Bowl this season. But they lost to San Francisco, and that put an end to both Clark’s and their season.

Even in that scenario, the Packers can still bounce back by adding young players to the roster through the draft or by signing free agents. Either way, Green Bay appears to have a bright future.



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