June 17, 2024

BRAKING NEWS: Cleveland browns RB Kareem Hunt and QB are both facing hernia medical……

Cleveland — A league source verified to News 5 that Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt, who is scheduled to become a free agency, had a sports hernia surgery and is currently recuperating.

Hunt underwent surgery this season to fix a ruptured adductor muscle, which affected his play. Jeremy Fowler of ESPN broke the story first.

The Browns running back had what was described as a groin issue on the injury reports for a large portion of the season. He would play despite the injury week in and week out, but take a day or two off before a game as per the regular schedule.

Following Nick Chubb’s season-ending knee injury in Week 2, Hunt re-signed with the Browns and appeared in 15 games this season.

On 135 carries, Hunt gained 411 yards and nine touchdowns. He was a key component of the Browns’ successful red zone offense all season long, frequently punching through the end zone when the ball was passed close to the goal line.

I’m incredibly grateful for him, his playing, and his sense of flair. We obviously didn’t have a spot before Nick was hurt, but Kareem did a fantastic job of staying in condition. At the end of the season, head coach Kevin Stefanski remarked, “We brought him in, worked him out, he looked great, picked up, picked back up the system right away and played really good football for us and made plays in high leverage moments and scored touchdowns.” “So, he was a fighter and gave us a tremendous amount of value. We really needed the tremendous boost, and we loved the way he runs and the manner with which he runs.”

I wouldn’t be against returning if the chance to do so were to arise right now. I really want to help them win the Super Bowl because it’s my hometown,” Hunt declared. “Winning a title for Cleveland, my city, would make me happy and content no matter what, even if I were to play for a different team or something else. If that were to happen, I would undoubtedly be at the parade, supporting them all the same. I am delighted that I was able to participate in this adventure for such a long time, and I wish the organization and the Cleveland Browns nothing but the best.”

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