June 17, 2024

Just now: LeBron James announce to leave that he wants to play with Stephen Curry and…..

In one of the most exciting games of the year, the Los Angeles Lakers narrowly defeated the Golden State Warriors 145-144 in double overtime.

During the Lakers-Warriors game, stars like D’Angelo Russell, Anthony Davis, and Klay Thompson showed off. However, none were more prominent than the two biggest players, Steph Curry and LeBron James.

With James leading the Lakers with 36 points and Curry leading the game with 46, the two players combined for an incredible 82 points.

Even though he and Curry are getting older, LeBron commented after the game on how their play lived up to the high bar their intense competition has established.

With this victory, Los Angeles helped the Lakers go to 24-23 on the year, while the Warriors dropped to 19-24. Although James and the Lakers have recently defeated Curry and the Warriors, Curry still leads the rivalry with a 27-23 record against James.

During the 2023 NBA playoffs, the Lakers also won the matchup four games to two in the Western Conference Semifinals.

As the first time James and Curry have faced off in overtime and double overtime, this game may already rank among the best between the two. The good news for supporters is that there will be three more Lakers vs. Warriors matchups this season: on February 22, March 16, and April 9.

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