June 15, 2024

JUST NOW: The supporters reaction on him was negative,due to his drop and…

Admirers of Florida governor Ron DeSantis have showered the politician with congratulations after he declared on Sunday that he was withdrawing from the 2024 Republican presidential contest and supporting front-runner Donald Trump.

DeSantis declared in a video that was uploaded to X, a platform that was formerly Twitter, on January 21 that “I am today suspending my campaign.”

The majority of Republican primary voters, it seems to me, want to give Donald Trump another shot,” he continued.

DeSantis stated that Trump “has my endorsement because we can’t go back to the old Republican guard of yesteryear” and asserted that Nikki Haley, the former president’s main opponent, is merely “a repackaged form of warmed over corporatism.”

The Trump team expressed their “honor” at receiving the endorsement in a statement, and the front-runner of the Republican Party declared that his primary opponent, Ron DeSanctimonius, had “officially retired.”

Supporter of DeSantis, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, honored him in a post on X. “It was an honor to support Ron DeSantis,” the writer stated. He has an incredible track record as Florida’s governor, and I have no doubt that he will be a successful leader for many years to come.

“I appreciate your friendship and leadership, Ron and Casey DeSantis. You have improved our country.”

Texas Republican Representative Chip Roy, who had backed DeSantis, stated in an email that he was “as proud as anything I have done in politics to have stood with this patriot & his delightful team.” We are grateful to everyone who contributed to a cause bigger than any one person. This is only the start. We’ll bring freedom and prosperity back to America.”

Former Nevada attorney general Adam Laxalt, who made a failed bid for the Senate in 2022, commended DeSantis and declared that he had flipped his own endorsement to Trump. He stated in his letter: “I was honored to back a close friend who, in my opinion, would make a truly transformative president. Even while I believe he will continue to lead us with incredible courage and be the greatest and most fearless governor in America, this was not his moment.

Let President Trump have the opportunity to complete the task. It’s time to come together. I wholeheartedly support him and urge all Nevadans to cast their ballots for him on February 8th so that we may move swiftly toward defeating Joe Biden in November.”

“Ron DeSantis is a great patriot and class act,” said Mark Levin, a conservative radio host who had previously declared himself to be “all in for DeSantis,” on X as well. He is a good man, a man of integrity, and a conservative with strong morals. He is an excellent governor with bright future prospects.

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