June 19, 2024

BRAKING NEWS: The formal top warriors is back and…

On Thursday, January 25, Jonathan Kuminga’s flawless shooting performance in the Golden State Warriors’ 134-112 blowout of the Atlanta Hawks demonstrated his readiness for a major game.

ESPN front office insider Bobby Marks has a money dump trade suggestion that will let the Warriors to keep Klay Thompson in the offseason while also giving Kuminga the huge minutes he has been aching for.

Mark’s suggested trade:

Alec Burks and Monte Morris are given to the Golden State Warriors.

Corey Joseph & Andrew Wiggins are acquired by the Detroit Pistons.

The Warriors would forfeit Wiggins’ remaining $85 million in this trade over the course of the following three years. Due to their expiring contracts, Burks and Morris may also give the Warriors veteran depth in the second half of the campaign.

Without having to worry about Wiggins consuming all of his playing time, Kuminga would immediately into the Warriors starting lineup.

In addition to providing Kuminga with the keys to their future, the Warriors’ cap relief will enable them to retain their core group of Draymond Green, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson.

Marks stated, “Golden State could avoid the second apron the following season, re-sign Thompson, and still retain [Chris] Paul as a trade asset.”

A Sneak Peek at the Warriors’ Future Kumina scored 25 points in the team’s first game following assistant coach Dejan Milojević’s sad death last week, making 11 of 11 shots from the bench.

His flawless shooting performance tied the franchise record set by Hall of Fame player Chris Mullin in 1990 for the most makes without a miss.

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