June 19, 2024

NFL: Buffalo Hall Of Famer Makes Shocking Bold Claim, Saying……

The Buffalo Bills have been a fantastic regular season under head coach Sean McDermott.

The Bills have now lost three Divisional Round games in a row, after getting beat by the Chiefs in 2020 in the AFC Championship Game. Each loss has been disappointing and it’s all starting to stir up rumors about the future of McDermott, who heads into the offseason with a lot of questions surrounding his status.

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McDermott has been a successful coach in Buffalo, making the playoffs six times in seven seasons. He has a (73-41) record in seven regular seasons and is (5-6)in the playoffs, missing the postseason just once since taking over as head coach in 2017.

SNL pokes fun at Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott
But even with Josh Allen — who is considered a generational elite QB — the Buffalo Bills have reached the AFC Championship just once, where they were knocked out of the playoffs by Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Kansas City knocked Buffalo out the following season in 2021 in overtime thriller, and they lost to the Bengals the following season.
Now after Sunday’s 27-24 loss to the Chiefs yet again, there are legitimate questions about Sean McDermott’s future in Buffalo.

Former Bills head coach Rex Ryan said on ESPN‘s Get Up on Monday that he could see the Bills firing McDermott to hire Belichick:

I said this to [Mike Greenberg], I said, ‘Watch this be where Belichick ends up. Meaning that I’m not saying it’s going to happen,” Ryan said. I’m saying this: If you think you like ownership, alright? They fired me when I was .500. They fired me because they didn’t think I could go any further.”“I’m saying if ownership sits back and goes, ‘You know what, this guy has done a great job as a coach, but is he the right guy to get us to the next level?’ I’m just throwing it out there,” Ryan said. “Believe me, I’m not just being reckless when I’m saying this. If you’re going to move on from him, it’s for one guy and that’s for Bill Belichick
Hall Of Fame Tight End Shannon Sharp Says It’s Time For The Buffalo Bills To Make Coaching Change And Move On from Sean McDermott
Buffalo Bills, Sean McDermott
Hall of Fame TE Shannon Sharpe is calling for the Bills to make a coaching change
On Monday night’s edition of “Nightcap” with Shannon Sharpe and former Bengals star WR Chad Ochocinco, the former Broncos Hall of Fame tight end said he believes McDermott has taken the Bills as far as they can go and it’s time for a change.

Buffalo Bills enter AFC Playoff Picture and control their own destiny to  postseason - Buffalo Rumblings

“When I look at this Ocho, I really believe Sean McDermott as taken this Buffalo team as far as he can take it. I really do, I think he’s taken it as far as he can take it.”
Ochocino pushed back on Sharpe’s take.

“So you would want a coaching change being they are always in contention and always close to reaching the AFC Championship? They are only two games away every year. Only two games away every year.”

Sharpe responded with a firm stance on the Buffalo Bills head coach.

“Are we any closer than we were last year, are we any closer than we were two years ago, so is the job to be two games away every single year or is the job to finis the task? “
Ochocino then brought up Josh Allen and mentioned he will always have the Bills in contention regardless of who is coaching.

“Honestly, they have one special pierce. And you know you will always be in contention when you have that one special piece,” but Sharpe stood behind his point about moving on from Sean McDermott.

Buffalo Bills Sean McDermott

“It’s not good enough to be in contention” Sharpe continued. “Think about it, you have Josh Allen he’s about to be almost $50 million against the cap. The past three years he was sub $20 million, under the cap.”

Ochocinco continued to challenge the decision making from the players in the big moments, like Allen missing a wide open Stefon DIggs, or the long Diggs dropped pass.”

The Hall of Fame Tight end countered with one of the most eyebrow raising calls of the came that came directly from the Buffalo Bills head coach when they attempted a bizarre fake punt in the fourth quarter with Damar Hamlin running the ball, who has no experience doing so.

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