June 22, 2024

Alabama easily defeated the Dawgs to win the SEC title in 2023. In this very game, Georgia loses for the first time in the past two years to Alabama.

Alabama maintained their prospects of making the playoffs by defeating Georgia, the top-ranked team, 27–24. The Tide never looked back after taking their initial lead in the first quarter, even though Georgia almost completed a late comeback.

Jalen Milroe’s game began slowly, with four errors in his first four throws. Nevertheless, he returned and finished with two touchdowns and 192 passing yards. His 29 yards of rushing (including sacks) rattled the Dawgs’ defense and helped Alabama win.

It’s safe to say the Bulldogs are eliminated from the playoff picture after their first loss of the year. Or do they not? After Texas won the Big-12, it’s safe to conclude that the Longhorns will go on to the College Football Playoffs. Despite their early setback to the Tide, their SEC crown may be enough to advance them.

Since Georgia

is unlikely to be a CFP candidate without a conference title, their chances of winning a third national championship appear minimal.

Sporting News followed live coverage of the SEC championship this year. Watch highlights, the score, and more from Atlanta’s championship game by scrolling below.

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