June 18, 2024

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The Green Bay Packers’ comfortable victory over the Dallas Cowboys brought laughter and joy to the football community.

For the first time since the playoffs were instituted in 2020, a No. 7 seed emerged victorious in an unprecedented upset. Still, it wasn’t entirely shocking that the Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys. The Packers have genuinely woken up and improved since November. Jordan Love was playing at a high level during that period, and the Packers finished 8-3 heading into the playoffs.

The Packers have a ton of momentum on their side. They are surging and are now playing with house money, which is what makes them a dangerous team to face right now. But there is a way for the 49ers to easily nip their momentum in the bud. What the 49ers have to do is simple really — take a commanding lead early. Doing so will put pressure on the Packers. And while they are not unfamiliar with pressure, the 49ers are a team that does so by punching their opponents in the mouth.

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