June 18, 2024

located at 1410 U.S. Highway 70 Bypass Jackson, Tennessee 38301.

I. General Summary: Operating machines, light assembly, product inspection, and packaging are the main focuses of this work. The operator bears the responsibility of upholding the company’s mission statement and overarching business objectives through adherence to the environmental policy, the quality philosophy, and proactive efforts to enhance production outcomes.

II. Crucial Job Duties: Comply with all established protocols.
Fulfill production specifications and finish all production sheets.
Halt, dial, and wait for any unusual circumstances.
Observe all safety precautions and notify TL/GL of any concerns.
Execute the necessary quality assurance procedures.
Take part in a production system that prioritizes discipline, safety training, and cooperation.
Apply TPS approaches to standardize procedures and processes, find waste, remove it piecemeal, and standardize the new procedures and processes.
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