June 19, 2024

Max Fried of the Braves Briefing hopes for improved health in 2024.
In 2024, what kind of output can the Atlanta Braves anticipate from Max Fried?
Despite losing some time due to an injury during the previous season, Max Fried was an important member of the Atlanta Braves rotation.

In 2023, he played in just 14 games, going 8-1 overall. He played in 28 games in 2021 and 30 games in 2022 (finishing second in the NL Cy Young to Miami’s Sandy Alcantara). According to his forecasts, he will finish the 2024 season 9-4.

A list of MLB players wishing for better health in 2024 was released by MLB.com. The list was created by Fried.

What they stated regarding

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