June 22, 2024

This season, Myles Garrett has been exceptional for the Browns in a variety of ways. He’s a constant, dominant presence on a squad that really needed his play to claw its way to 9-5.

Every day, it seems like a new statistic emerges to prove how unstoppable he has been. Pro Football Focus has released their pass rush win rate figures, with Myles Garrett leading the charge at 26.1 percent.

In 2022, Myles led the league with a win rate of 25.6 percent, with his colleagues trailing close behind. Micah Parson had a 22.9 percent victory percentage at the end of the season, while Trey Henderickson had a 17.0 percent win rate. Two players who are among the best in the NFL in getting to the quarterback.
The narrative surrounding Garrett appears to be shifting this year, as fans throughout the NFL begin to notice the amount of attention he receives each week. It’s difficult for him to rack up sacks when he’s always up against two to three blockers on practically every snap.

However, his influence can be felt across the Cleveland defense. When Garrett draws so much attention, it frees up other guys to make big plays.

Garrett has helped every single member on this Browns defense. Because of Garrett, the guys in covering have to cover for less time. Because of Garrett, linebackers don’t have to worry as much about blockers advancing to the next level. Because of No. 95, his defensive line teammates receive less attention.

Garrett has 13 sacks and has gone four straight games without one, but he is still making an effect. Myles Garrett is essential to the plot of the 2023 Cleveland Browns. Without him, this team would be nothing near where it is now.

Garrett will barge down on opposing quarterbacks at least once every four times they drop back to pass.

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